Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's New: 08-30-2011

     Thanks to the newly acquired access to a 16 year run of Autoharp Quarterly Magazine, http://www.autoharpquarterly.com/ , I will be adding quite a number of recording and performing Autoharp players to my site.  I have had lists of solo guitar and harp players worldwide on separate pages, and lists of harp, guitar, piano, organ and concertina players for just Wisconsin, but I've never had a list of every Autoharp player on my site in one place before.  I do now ... http://www.folklib.net/index/autoharp.shtml ... "Autoharp Players listed in the Folk Library Index".

Monday, August 29, 2011

     In the 327 days since 10-06-2010 (per http://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html ), when I installed Google Analytics (http://www.google.com/analytics/ ), my "What's New?" page, http://www.folklib.net/index/whats_new/ , has only been visited a total of 113 times, less than once every three days.  I have created over 50 new pages in that same time period.  Over half of them have never been visited by anyone in the world, except me.  As people who might be interested in what I create don't even know I have a What's New page, maybe they might be more likely to read about my new pages on this Blog.  So occasionally, I will post a little information here about newly available Folk, Bluegrass and Blues Music, Wisconsin Music and other music related resources you may not know about.

Link Correction

Link Correction:  http://www.folklib.net/envir_log.shtml

Profanity not allowed here

     On 5-21-2007 I created a Blog to post the concerts I go to with links to information I have about the artists and groups who performed.  However, I was told that any page entitled "Blog" MUST be interactive, so I renamed it to  http://www.folklib.net/index/envir_log.shtml .  I did so because, like Facebook, Twitter and all other Social Media, many people who post on a Blog have no self control about the decency of what they write.  Any post made here by anyone which is not G-Rated and is inappropriate to be read aloud by the teacher  in a 3rd grade classroom will not be tolerated here.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Initial Post

     Website Grader, http://websitegrader.com/site/www.folklib.net, suggests every site should have a Blog, I'm not sure why, but here it is.  I spend all my on-line time editing and adding information to my 15 year old Web site, The Folk Library Index, http://www.folklib.net/.  I don't post regularly to any Social Networking site, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn where I have accounts. Frequently I'm completely off-line, so daily posts here won't happen.  I really don't have anything to say daily that anyone would be interested in, so there may be long periods between posts.  If you post something here, E-Mail a copy to henkle@pobox.com, which I read whenever I am on-line.  I probably will not log in here frequently to post or read other's posts.   I have never posted anything to anyone else's Blog.