Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11-08-2011: List of Paintings by Marco Sassone

     Since 1995 my site has included details about recording and performing musical artists only.  Until now, I have had no information about physical artists, painters, sculptors, etc.  However, because of the special interest my late mother, who lived in California, had in his work by saving so much information about him, I have just created an alphabetical list of named paintings by the Italian born, 1967-2005 California based painter, Marco Massimo Sassone.  He has since moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The artist's Web site, http://www.marcosassone.com/ , lists all of his Serigraph prints in 1975-1998 date order, but not in title order, and some, but not all, of his other original artwork.  Extensive searching on the Web came up empty for the prior existence of such an inclusive list, which initially includes over 300 titles.  My page has a link to every painting with a separate page on his site, as well as scans of many Sassone items saved by my mother.  I hope others who are interested in his artwork will find something of value on my new page,

FolkLib Index - List of Paintings by Marco Sassone

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