Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Marriage and music events attended this summer

     Check out my Twitter account for seven new tweets posted this morning about our summer.

     5-20-2012: Mary Park, mountain dulcimer & autoharp player and teacher, and I got married.

     7/23-28/2012 we visited Mountain View, AR, Folk Music Capital of the World. As a result I created five new pages:
     We had an absolutely fabulous time and we plan on going back there regularly in the future.

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  1. CORRECTION TO THE ABOVE: In early 2015, without warning, CenturyLink permanently shut down their customer web server, http://fp1.centurytel.net/ . When she has time, my wife will be installing all of her old pages from her 2007-2015 website on my domain. Her new home page will be at: http://www.folklib.net/ageless/